Nice meeting you shooting Sneffels this evening. We'll keep an eye out for them on your site.
Brian Wiese(non-registered)
Thank you for posting details about pretty much all that I could find on the PZO Poloxer lenses and so many others from the old Eastern Bloc countries. Your dedication to helping other photographers is admirable, and your photographic portfolio is very impressive!
Thank you, again for sharing your work. I can't sleep, so I thought I would revisit the artists' galleries (from Decatur's River Clay Festival). I enjoy all of your work, differently. The rocket inspires while the landscapes bring peace.
Renato Salles(non-registered)
Absolutely awesome work! And an inspiring work also. The point which shows more appealing is the perfect balance between technique and art - everything a good photography wanted to be.
Cheers,,, Renato Salles
Colette Gierkowicz(non-registered)
I saw a link leading towards you on a French/English BW forum :
What a moment the discovery of your works...something knew, something creative, something from technic, making some of them as you describe it yourself, at times antic sculptures, at other time pure real landscapes where there are none - So, there is something new and promising about photography - Out of lines only.

Wonderful work - Wonderful art - Many thanks for this -
Gayle O'Donnell(non-registered)
I only got to take a quick look thus far but my initial reaction was 'WOW!' -which I see a lot of in the comments here Arne! :-) Thanks for sharing! Aloha, Gayle
Reinhold Merkle(non-registered)
Got the link tip from Walther - black and whote is always a challenge but obviously you do it with wonderful results - a big wow from my side !
Walther Hofherr(non-registered)
Wow!! really fascinating photography
John Sexton & Anne Larsen(non-registered)
Arne... congratulations... fine work!!! John & Anne
tom shue(non-registered)
Thanks for writing the wonderful article about Zeiss lenses called
Large format lenses from VEB Carl Zeiss Jena and Docter Optic
Part I: Carl Zeiss Jena lenses, is there a part II
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