Silver Particles - Photographs by Arne Cröll | Switzerland
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Fründenhorn, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandBlümlisalp, Lake Öschinen, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandNear Oeschinen Lake, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandBlümlisalp and Oeschinen Peaks, Kandersteg Valley, SwitzerlandBlümlisalp, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandOeschinenhorn, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandGastern Valley, Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandKandersteg Valley, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland (2)From Säntis Mountain, SwitzerlandChurch of Someo, Val Maggia, Ticino

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Dimitri Kouznetsov(non-registered)
Thanks for images of the Swiss mountains and for MTFs charts I found on your site. They persuaded me to purchase a Super Symmar HM 120mm lens.
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