Silver Particles - Photographs by Arne Cröll | Prints

If interested in prints, or for reproduction rights, please use the contact page on this website.

All my black-and-white prints are made by traditional enlargement or contact printing methods on glossy fiber base silver papers, processed to archival standards with two fixing baths, and include a final selenium toning, gold  toning, or stabilizing treatment step in Agfa "Sistan"/AgStab. All prints are dry mounted on 2- or 4-ply acid-free rag board, matted, and labeled and signed on the front. Sizes range from 8x10" to 16x20", but not all images are available in all sizes; please inquire what is available in what size. Actual image sizes are slightly smaller than the nominal ones below. The "Crystalscape" prints are only between 5x7" and 8x10" in size, since diffraction due to the overall magnification does not allow greater enlargements. The pricing goes up in tiers once a certain number of prints has been sold. A few prints, made on "printing-out-paper" by exposure to the sun, are very limited in number due to the fact that the paper is no longer available.


Prices (+ shipping) are, unless noted below:

8x10" and smaller on 11x14" mount board:  

1st tier (prints 1-5): $120     2nd tier (prints 6-10): $150    3rd tier (prints 11-20): $200


9.5x12" on 14x18" mount board:

1st tier (prints 1-5): $150     2nd tier (prints 6-10): $180    3rd tier (prints 11-20): $250


11x14"  to 12x16"on 16x20" mount board:       

1st tier (prints 1-5): $200     2nd tier (prints 6-10): $250    3rd tier (prints 11-20): $350


16x20" on 22x28" mount board:      

1st tier (prints 1-5): $400     2nd tier (prints 6-10): $500    3rd tier (prints 11-20): $700


"Nautilus" 8x10" contact print on gold-toned Centennial® Printing-Out-Paper, as long as prints are available: $450


Prints of the few color images I offer are custom-ordered metal prints, with a high gloss surface and a float mount ready to hang. Some are also available as 6x6x1" acrylic block prints. These are signed and labeled on the back and are not limited.

Metal prints:

12x12": $90

16x16": $150

16x20": $180

16x24": $200

Acrylic block print 1" thick, 6x6": $85


The prices do not include framing, shipping, handling, or sales tax.


Note that due to the fact that I have a regular job as scientist, fulfillment of print orders can be up to 3 months.